Watershed Restoration Initiative

Utah’s Watershed Restoration Initiative (WRI) is a partnership-based program in Utah to improve high priority watersheds throughout the state. Now in its 15th year, WRI focuses on improving three ecosystem values:

1) watershed health and biological diversity,

2) water quality and water yield, and

3) opportunities for sustainable uses of natural resources.

As citizens of Utah, we all benefit from the ecosystem services provided by our healthy forests and rangelands. Healthy watersheds provide more water and higher quality water resources that are increasingly important during drought years. Through active management, biological diversity is improved, wildlife populations thrive, and entire ecosystems becomes more resilient to disturbances like wildfire and drought. Collectively, we need to become better stewards of our natural resources that we depend on for our wellbeing and survival. The Watershed Restoration Initiative is one of the many programs in Utah that help improve our natural resources and enhance our quality of life as citizens.

Watershed Restoration Overview

The Benefits of Chaining

Improving Utah’s Watersheds Through Collaboration

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