Shared Stewardship

Shared Stewardship is a cooperative approach to managing Utah’s forests, the program enables land managers to confront the urgent forest health challenges that are best solved by local, state and federal cooperation. Utah’s Shared Stewardship agreement provides a framework for the State of Utah and the US Forest Service to work together in cooperation with the Natural Resources Conservation Service and water providers to identify forest health priorities that focus on restoration projects. The primary goals of the projects are protecting communities and watersheds from the threat of large, unwanted wildfires. Through Shared Stewardship, we are opening our conversations to include not only the State and the Forest Service, but communities, industry, organizations and users of our national forests. Shared Stewardship is about working with partners to do the right work, in the right place, at the right scale, at the right time, to benefit our citizens and the environment.

Parley’s Canyon Watershed Restoration Project

The Utah Shared Stewardship has been working for the past four years to address wildfire risk and water quality and quantity issues utilizing landscape-scale projects throughout the state. In this video, we highlight Parley’s Canyon Watershed Restoration project. This video features just one project, but speaks to the collaborative nature in which agencies are addressing wildfire risk and water quality issues throughout the state. Shared Stewardship will continue to work toward addressing these concerns and provide positive impacts to the enduring beauty and resiliency of Utah’s landscapes.  

Utah Shared Stewardship

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