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Preserving access to archaeological resources.

PLPCO promotes the responsible use and preservation of archaeological resources and is responsible for issuing permits to conduct archaeological work on lands owned or controlled by the state, its political subdivisions, and the School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration.

Archaeology Permitting
Principal Investigator Permit 
(to Conduct Archaeological Surveys)

Issued to qualified individuals to conduct surveys on state land and is required by the Utah State Historic Preservation Office to access archaeology site files and receive site and project numbers.

Archaeology Excavation Permit

Issued to permitted principal investigators who need to perform testing or excavation of archaeological resources on state lands.

Application Submissions

Applications and supporting documentation can be e-mailed to or sent to:

Kristopher Carambelas, RPA
Public Lands Policy Coordinating Office
1594 W. Temple, Suite 320, Salt Lake City Utah, 84116

Please allow for a 30-day review period for both types of permits.