Energy Resources

Energy impacts Utah’s quality of life in many ways. Affordable energy helps maintain a lower cost of living, allowing Utah’s residents and businesses to have more flexibility in their budgets for spending, investing and saving. Additionally, energy and mineral production on public lands will continue to provide abundant opportunities for jobs and economic development in the state, especially in many of Utah’s rural communities. As Utah’s population is set to nearly double by 2060, our energy demands will increase. Even with Utah’s expected growth, clean air, water and other important state environmental goals can be achieved alongside state goals for advancing responsible energy and minerals development. 

The Cox-Henderson Administration has established an “all of the above” approach to energy in Utah. It is important to the State to invest in a diverse portfolio of energy solutions to ensure adequate, reliable, affordable, sustainable, and clean energy resources to power Utah’s future. This strategy should consider market trends, economic development, investment opportunities, rural impacts, all while keeping the lens of equality and opportunity at the forefront.

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