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What Does RDCC Do?

Utah Legislature created the Resource Development Coordinating Committee (RDCC) to:

(1) assist the state planning coordinator in fulfilling the responsibilities of reviewing and coordinating technical and policy actions that may affect the physical resources of the state; and

(2) facilitate the exchange of information on those actions among state agencies and other levels of government.


Utah Code § 63J-4-501


Federal law provides for states collaboration and participation throughout the federal project planning process. The RDCC includes representatives from the State agencies who are generally involved in public lands management. Committee members communicate through the RDCC by submitting projects for review or by commenting on federal, state, or local proposed actions.

State agency comments not only make known a project’s potential for positive or adverse impacts, but also provides recommendations for mitigation. When necessary, the RDCC staff coordinates and facilitates state agency comments by publishing a unified state comment. Comments may be most important in accomplishing successful outcomes.

The RDCC coordinates the review of many proposed public land planning and development projects, including

  • forest health and watershed improvement plans
  • wetland reviews
  • use of public range resources by livestock operators and wildlife
  • oil and gas and mining development
  • use of public lands by off-road vehicles and other recreational opportunities

Current status of every project can be viewed through the RDCC Project Management System.


The RDCC meets quarterly. Click on individual meetings’ titles in the Past Public Meetings schedule below to find minutes and agendas. To subscribe to this public body visit Public Notice Website.

State Agencies Represented on RDCC

  1. Office of the Governor
  2. Department of Natural Resources
  3. Department of Environmental Quality
  4. Department of Agriculture and Food
  5. School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration
  6. Utah Department of Transportation
  7. Utah Department of Public Safety
  8. Utah Department of Heritage and Arts

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