Utah's Public Lands Policy Coordinating Office

Established in 2005 by the Utah Legislature

R.S. 2477 Roads

Securing Public Access

Resource Development Coordinating Committee

Coordinating and Facilitating Between Government Agencies on Public Lands Policies

Constitutional Defense Council

Protecting State's Rights


Preserving Our Heritage


Our Mission: to Preserve and Defend Rights to Access, Use, and Benefit from Public Lands within the State.
More than half of the lands in Utah are federally owned and managed. The Utah Legislature has created our office to develop and coordinate the State's public lands policies. Learn more about our mission, objectives, current projects, and accomplishments.

Featured Project

Since 2013, PLPCO and the team of economists have been working on the study examining the transfer of public lands. The study is now complete.


Judge Finds Deficiencies in Richefield RMP
On May 22, 2015, Judge Kimball of the Utah District Court ordered the BLM to conduct a new analysis of the routes in its travel plan in the Richfield resource management plan.