R.S. 2477 Settlement in Juab County

County Seat episode with Juan Palma (State Director for the BLM Utah Office), Glen Greenhalgh (Public Lands Director at Juab County), and Chad Winn (Juab County Commissioner) discussing settlement recognizing Juab County and State’s R.S. 2477 rights-of-way to three roads.

This settlement serves as a tangible reminder that certain R.S. 2477 issues can be resolved through good-faith negotiations and cooperation.

~ Juan Palma, BLM Utah State Director

The settlement has been a model of successful negotiation between the state, county, federal government, and environmental organizations, each having distinct and often contradicting interests in roads and underlying areas.

The Deep Creeks settlement may prove to be a model for resolving many of the thousands of claims that remain.

~ Heidi McIntosh, Earthjustice

Utah deserves title to thousands of roads | The Salt Lake Tribune

By Anthony L. Rampton

May 12, 2012

Over the past two weeks, the Utah Attorney General’s Office has, on behalf of the State of Utah and respective counties, filed 21 lawsuits seeking quiet title to thousands of Utah roads. Unfortunately, there appears to be public confusion and misinformation as to the basis, nature and purpose of these lawsuits.

When the nation was in the throes of Western settlement and expansion, Congress permitted and encouraged the creation of roads across the vast public lands. Contained within the Mining Act of 1866, Congress passed R.S. 2477, a law recognizing and validating these “highways” that had been, or would be, created to facilitate settlement of the West. At the time, “highway” was a broad term that included any road created by either construction or use and open to the public.

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