Current Efforts

Strawberry Reservoir, Wasatch County

Projects Coordinated with Federal Agencies

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

  • Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation
  • Southwestern Willow Flycatcher Recovery and Management Plan
  • Mexican Wolf
  • Gray Wolf
  • Yellow-Billed Cuckoo
  • Utah Prairie Dog
  • Gunnison Sage-Grouse
  • North American Wolverine
  • Black Footed Ferret Recovery Plan
  • Coral Pink Sand Dunes Tiger Beetle
  • Graham Beardtongue (Penstemon Grahamii) and White River Beardtongue
  • Hookless Cactus
  • Pariette Cactus

U.S. Forest Service

  • Land Management Planning Rule
  • TransWest Express Power Line Project
  • Energy Gateway Power Line Project
  • Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation
  • Fishlake Oil and Gas Leasing Final EIS
  • Beaver River Watershed Conservation
  • Forest Land Management Plans for Dixie, Fishlake, and Manti-la-Sal National Forests

National Park Service

  • Grand Staircase-Escalante Livestock Plan Amendments/EIS
  • Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Off-Road Vehicle Management Plan
  • Capitol Reef Livestock Grazing and Trailing Management Plan

Bureau of Land Management

  • Greater Sage-Grouse Land Use Plan Amendments and EIS
  • Cedar City Resource Management Plan (RMP)/EIS
  • RMPs for Beaver Dam Wash National Conservation Area (NCA) and Red Cliffs NCA (Washington County)
  • Grand Staircase-Escalante Livestock Plan Amendments/EIS
  • Great Salt Lake Minerals Solar Evaporation Pond Project
  • Sevier Playa Potash Project
  • Moab and Monticello Master Leasing Plan
  • Wild Horses: the Bible Spring Complex Wild Horse Gather and Removal and Fertility Treatment Plant
  • TransWest Express Power Line Project
  • Energy Gateway Power Line Project
  • Oil and Gas Lease Sales
  • Greater Chapita Wells Natural Gas EIS
  • Enefit American Oil Project and Utility Corridor
  • Travel Management Plan
Projects Coordinated with State Agencies

Division of Wildlife Resources

  • Bighorn Sheep Management Plan
  • Utah Wildlife Action Plan
  • Habitat Management Plan for Wildlife Management Areas in Sanpete County
  • Utah Prairie Dog Management Plan for Non-Federal Lands
  • Sheeprock Mountains Sage-Grouse Population Augmentation

Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands

  • Bear Lake Comprehensive Management Plan Amendment
  • Great Salt Lake Comprehensive Management Plan and Mineral Leasing Plan
  • Jordan River Comprehensive Management Plan

Division of Oil, Gas & Mining

  • Diamond Gulch East Abandoned Mine Closure
  • Indian-Price Canyon Abandoned Mine Reclamation Project
  • Vernal Phosphate Mine Expansion

Division of Parks & Recreation

  • Sand Hollow Recreation Area—Recreation Management Plan
  • Utah State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan for Statewide LWCF Grant Program

Department of School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration

  • Non-Motorized Mountain Bike Trail Near Needles Outpost
  • Johnson/Huff Hollows Pond-Range Improvement Project
  • Hogup Pipeline and Trough
  • Chaining and Seeding for Sage-Grouse

Last updated December 4, 2015


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