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R.S. 2477 and Other Active Litigation

Watch this prezi to learn about R.S. 2477 process and other active litigation. Click to Print



Kathleen Clarke Interviewed on Trib Talk: Transferring Federal Lands to Utah

If the State of Utah took ownership of federal lands, what would that look like? The state public lands director Kathleen Clarke and Tribune environment reporter Brian Maffly join Jennifer Napier-Pearce to discuss the scope and possible implications of the cost-benefit analysis report. Original source: Trib Talk Blog | The … Continue reading



R.S. 2477 Why is Utah Involved in Roads Litigation?

Why is Utah Involved in Roads Litigation? The State of Utah and most of its counties have filed 22 quiet title lawsuits in federal court seeking judicial determinations of their rights in and to some 12,000 roads. It is a legitimate question to ask why. To answer this question one … Continue reading


Tenth Circuit Issues Opinion in Kane County R.S. 2477 Case

SALT LAKE CITY Dec. 2, 2014 — The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion today in the R.S. 2477 case of Kane County and Utah v. United States. A three judge panel affirmed that the State and county have legal title to six of twelve roads and held … Continue reading


R.S. 2477 Settlement in Juab County

County Seat episode with Juan Palma (State Director for the BLM Utah Office), Glen Greenhalgh (Public Lands Director at Juab County), and Chad Winn (Juab County Commissioner) discussing settlement recognizing Juab County and State’s R.S. 2477 rights-of-way to three roads. This settlement serves as a tangible reminder that certain R.S. … Continue reading


Governor’s Outdoor Recreation Vision

        We support Governor Herbert’s vision for outdoor recreation released in January 2013. Our commitment to preserving public access helps make Utah “the right place” for outdoor recreation.   Vision Statement Click to Print


My View: The Need for a Balanced Public Lands Policy | Deseret News

By Kathleen Clarke November 14, 2012 In its 2012 general session, the Utah Legislature passed HB148: The Transfer of Public Lands Act. This bill charged the Constitutional Defense Council with the duty to study the many complex issues pertaining to the public lands and to report its findings to the … Continue reading



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