PLPCO is staffed by general counselors, policy and GIS analysts, and county, and resource specialists. We also have attorneys from the Public Lands Section of the Attorney General’s office.  If you are not sure who to contact, try our main number at 801-537-9801 and we’ll be happy to help. 

Kathleen Clarke
Carmen BaileyDeputy Director801-537-9046
Cloe NixonExecutive Assistant801-537-9801
Mark BoshellLegal Counsel435-676-1190
Bailee BringhurstLegal Counsel801-537-9053
Kris CarambalasArchaeologist801-538-1697
Jill CooperLegal Assistant801-537-9213
Tess DavisAssistant Attorney General801-538-3276
Kathy DavisAsst AG, Public Lands Section Deputy Director801-537-9045
Brianne EmeryNatural Resources Planner801-537-9844
Tyler FarlingGIS Analyst801-537-9801
Roger Fairbanks Assistant Attorney General801-538-9610
Jake GarfieldLegal Counsel801-538-9535
David HalversonLegal Counsel801-537-9023
Kelsie LastAssistant Attorney General801-537-9814
Shea OwensLegal Counsel435-676-1138
Anthony Rampton Asst AG, Public Lands Section Director801-537-9819
Braden SheppardLegal Counsel801-537-9295
Sindy SmithRDCC Coordinator801-537-9193
Jason WolfGIS Manager801-537-9801
Hussein YazdaniGIS Analyst801-537-9801