Community Fire Planning

The purpose of community fire planning is to:

  • Empower communities to organize, plan and take action on issues impacting community safety
  • Enhance levels of fire resistance and protection to the community
  • Identify the risks of wildland/urban interface fires in the area
  • Identify strategies to reduce the risks to homes and businesses in the community during a wildfire.

Objectives of Community Fire Planning in Utah:

  • Facilitate the organization of citizen fire councils to guide planning and coordinated action
  • Improve community safety through:
    • Coordination
    • Training
    • Fire Prevention
    • Education
    • Fuel Modification
    • Public Safety
  • Enhance fire protection through:
    • Improved fire prevention and public education
    • Improved coordination within the community
    • Development of long-term strategies
  • Reduce the potential for and the consequences of wildfire

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