Archaeology Projects


Each year multiple projects involving either survey or excavation are conducted throughout Utah. During survey, crews of archaeologists methodically walk through an area looking for and recording sites and artifacts.

During excavation, sites are systematically dug, mapped, and artifacts are collected. Most of these projects are done in advance of private or public construction, or for federal or state agencies as part of their land management practices.

PLPCO’s permitting process helps assure a high level of expertise and scientific rigor in all these investigations. The information gained through work on public lands helps us to better understand the prehistoric and historic populations in the region, and gives us a greater appreciation for our archaeological heritage.

Recent Projects

Learn more about recent archeological projects conducted by PLPCO permitted principal investigators:

  1. Jackson Flat Reservoir
  2. Nine Mile Canyon
  3. Ruby Pipeline
  4. Southern Parkway
  5. UNEV Pipeline
  6. Utah Northern Railroad (Collinston Summit Segment 42BO1796)

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