PLPCO Duties

Our office was created by statute in 2005. § 63J-4-603 of the Utah Code describes the powers and duties assigned to us by the Utah Legislature.

What  We Do:

Duties Related to the Constitutional Defense Council

  • make a report to the Constitutional Defense Council (§ 63C-4a-202) on R.S. 2477 rights and other public lands issues
  • staff the Constitutional Defense Council
  • prepare, submit, and execute a constitutional defense plan (§ 63C-4a-403)

Public Lands Policies

“It is the policy of the state to claim and preserve by lawful means the rights of the state and its citizens to determine and affect the disposition and use of federal lands within the state as those rights are granted by the United States Constitution, the Utah Enabling Act, and other applicable law.” Utah Code 63C-4a-103

  • develop public land policies
  • develop cooperative contracts and agreements concerning public lands policies between the state, its political subdivisions, and federal government agencies
  • research and produce documents, maps, studies, analysis, and other information for the state’s participation in the public lands policy development
  • prepare comments on public lands policy development
  • partner with state agencies and political subdivisions to prepare coordinated public lands policies and develop consistent reviews, responses, and management plans to such
  • develop and maintain a statewide land use plan
  • facilitate and coordinate the exchange of information between state agencies, political subdivisions, Office of Rural Development (§ 63N-4-103), Resource Development Coordinating Committee (§ 63J-4-501), Constitutional Defense Council, and School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (§ 53C-1-201)

Historic Sites and Antiquities

Transfer of Public Lands Act

  • conduct public lands transfer study and economic analysis (§ 63J-4-606)

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