About the Public Lands Office

Mission Statement

To coordinate, promote, and implement Utah’s public land priorities.

Vision Statement

To empower all to enjoy and flourish from Utah’s public lands, providing Utahns with unique and lasting opportunities for access, economic prosperity, and stewardship.

Essential Services

Development and Coordination of Policy Initiatives

  • We developed and coordinate the State’s public lands policy initiatives.

Resource Development Coordinating Committee (RDCC)

Constitutional Defense Council (CDC)

  • We provide research and administrative support to the Constitutional Defense Council that advises the Governor and the Legislature on federal intrusion into matters reserved to the states.


  • We defend the State’s policies and interests on public lands by providing research, staff, and litigation support to the Attorney General’s Office.


  • We work to preserve thousands of archaeological sites located on Utah’s public lands. We coordinate the preservation of our archaeological heritage with other state and federal agencies. We also issue permits to regulate proper survey and excavation of archaeological resources.

State Planning Coordinator

  • We cooperate with the state planning coordinator to develop policies, plans, programs, and processes related to the state planning coordinator’s duties.

Strategic Planning

PLPCO strategy map