2014 Utah’s Sage-Grouse Summit


The 2014 Utah Sage-grouse Summit took place on February 18-19 at the Utah Department of Natural Resources. Governor Herbert made the opening remarks followed by several presentations and discussion sessions. Kathleen Clarke, Director of the Utah Public Lands Policy Coordination Office, made the closing remarks. The following topics were discussed:

February 18, 2014

(1) USFWS Conservation Reporting Standards

(2) Utah State Plan – Tracking and Reporting

(3) How Utah’s Plan integrates into BLM & USFS Plans: the Public Process and a Time Table for Implementation

(4) Utah Plan: Habitat Management Strategies

(5) Utah Plan: Tracking and Reporting Population Responses to Management: the Science Behind the SGMAs

(6) Utah Plan: What is “Protecting the Best of the Best?”

February 19, 2014

(1) Utah Plan: Mitigation and Disturbance – 5% or 3% Disturbance Limit

(2) Role of LWGs in Utah Plan Implementation

(3) Community-Based Species Conservation Strategies

(4) Research Application to Management: Designing and Monitoring Projects that Work for Sage-Grouse

(5) Mitigation

(6) Management With or Without Listing: Process and What to Expect

For complete agenda and sessions’ recordings visit utahcbcp.org

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