Current Projects

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PLPCO participates in many discussions, proposals, and policy development initiatives concerning public lands’ use and management. We also assist the Utah Attorney General’s Office in litigating these issues.

Current Key Policy Projects/Initiatives

  1. Sage-Grouse Conservation Plan
  2. Transfer of Public Lands Act and Study
  3. Endangered Species Act comment letters
  4. Oil shale development

Current Litigation

  1. R.S. 2477 roads
  2. Resource Management Plans
  3. Abdo v. Reyes
  4. Uintah County v. Salazar (“Wildlands” litigation)
  5. Colorado v. Ashe (Gunnison Sage Grouse Amicus)
  6. Nat’l Mining Ass’n v. Jewell (Uranium Withdrawal Amicus)
  7. PETPO v. USFWS (Utah Prairie Dog litigation)

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